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e-Solutions: Cyber Risks

Global, instant, boundless, unprecedented - these are words that are commonly used to describe the opportunities of the cyber world. They could also be used to describe the risks that arise alongside those opportunities. Cyber risks are faced not just by e-commerce companies - those doing transactions over the internet. Any company reliant on computer networks, digital information or the internet faces these exposures; this means just about every sizable business in the world today. In many cases, traditional insurance policies - property, commercial general liability, crime and many E&O policies - may not respond to losses involving information systems.

Products are now available to fill these gaps in protection, products that combine first- and third-party coverage for many cyber exposures, including those involving privacy, hackers, viruses, network disruptions and online advertising and publishing. As in all areas of risk management, however, buying insurance is only part of the puzzle. What is really needed is strong exposure identification, policy wording analysis and communication about exposures with the risk owners throughout an organization.

The e-Solutions experts within our Executive Risks/Professional Risks team can help you put all of the pieces in place. We have experience in the unique ways that cyber exposures arise in:

  • Advertising, direct marketing, promotion and public relations agencies 
  • Advertisers and infomercial marketers
  • Cable, radio, TV and satellite broadcasters
  • Publishers, print and electronic
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Entertainment organizations
  • Media conglomerates
  • E-commerce and internet service providers
  • Information technology providers
  • Industry associations
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Lodging and hospitality
  • Universities
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Financial institutions

What Can Willis Towers Watson Do for You

We can help put together all the key pieces of an information security package:

  • Coordinating the work of information security consultants assessing your exposures with your insurance coverage needs and the underwriting process
  • Obtaining coverage for: 
    • Hacking
    • Viruses
    • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
    • Content creation and dissemination
    • Electronic commerce
    • Advertising & promotion marketing
    • Intellectual property
    • Internet services
    • Multiple media activities
    • Web sites
    • Voice-over internet protocol (VOIP)
    • Cloud computing

Why Willis Towers Watson

  • We are thought leaders in the field; insurers come to us for help in writing their basic cyber risk policies.
  • Cyber issues are multi-disciplinary, spanning network security, online media, intellectual property, personal privacy, enabling technology, etc.; each component has its own risks and our approach produces a coordinated and comprehensive response.
  • We have unsurpassed market knowledge.
  • We employ a consultative approach.
  • Our One-Flag approach means that all Willis Towers Watson expertise in all offices is available to you.
  • In our marketing approach, the same group that analyzes your risks and develops a protection strategy approaches markets on your behalf.

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