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Group Insurance Plans

Group insurance plans are among the key elements in any competitive compensation policy. Funds invested in such plans represent a major production cost for companies. 

Such plans become efficient recruitment and employee retention tools, especially when considering current demographics and evolving competition. Group insurance plans are subject to complex regulations and must offer a considerable degree of flexibility in order to adapt to particular situations and mobility needs. 

In order to attain strategic and corporate goals, these plans must be established within a strict financial framework and must be soundly managed. Thoroughness and creativity are key. 

Our specialized services cover all aspects regarding the development and operational management of these plans: 

  • Evaluation of available plans and their competitive positioning
  • Plan development and consolidation
  • Follow-up and maintenance of regulatory compliance
  • Plan financing
  • Analysis of usage statistics, control programs and cost reduction programs
  • Requests for proposals and renewal analyses and negotiations
  • Documentation
  • Communication with employees
  • Administrative methods and procedures
  • Disability management methods
  • Budgetary processes and expense projections
  • Actuarial valuations for liabilities to account for (benefits offered after employment and other actuarial liabilities)
  • External audits of claim settlements
  • Due diligence in the event of mergers, acquisitions or wind-ups.

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